ChatGPT Aces Indian Bureaucracy

Today, after visiting VFS office to apply for my child’s Overseas Citizen of India document, I was turned back because I didn’t provide both the parents’ documents, just mine.

Now, when uploading the docs to Indian government site, they only asked for one parent. But VFS, the private” entity in charge of collecting documentation, was adamant that it must be both parents. Meanwhile, their website gives a 404 when you try to fetch the documentation checklist.

Annoyed by that, I passed the government provided requirements to apply for OCI of a US-born child to (previously) Indian parents to ChatGPT. And asked what documentation I needed.

ChatGPTs Response

While the naturalization certificate is useful in proving the change of nationality from India to the USA, the OCI guidelines provided do not explicitly state the need for both parents’ naturalization certificates. … … It’s often a good practice to provide as much relevant documentation as possible, including naturalization certificates for both parents if available — ChatGPT response

It’s incredible that while the documentation checklist provided by Indian Govt doesn’t quite ask for both parents” naturalization certificates, ChatGPT highly recommends” it, because… It just has a sense for Indian government.

ChatGPT seems to know its way around Indian bureaucracy better than the bureaucrats themselves.

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August 8, 2023